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Meet the Team

Committed to the Cause

Corrine and Stuart Asbel

Since 2013, Cori and Stu Asbel had a vision of how to incorporate their love of farming, cooking, community outreach and interactive learning.

Having learned about small scale farming from his father David, Stu discovered the power of self sustainability and the joy of working with the Earth. A teacher by trade, he has developed programming for constituencies including Early Childhood, Senior and Individuals with Disabilities in several states. He now brings his experience and dedication to Connecticut. 

Cori brings a background in Business as well as a vision of bringing communities together. She has learned much of the farming trade from her husband and is currently researching certification in Herbal Remedy. She is a native of Cheshire, CT and owes her ambition to begin this pursuit to her parents, who always valued generosity, compassion, and kindness of spirit above all things.

Esteemed Officers and Board Members:

Corrine Asbel, Co-Founder, President 

Shawn Gastin, Officer

Rachel Powers, Officer

Fred Savenelli, LPC, MA (AT), Board

Stephen Asbel, Esq., Board

Esteemed Non-Board Members:

Stuart Asbel, Director of Programming and Operations, Lead Farmer & Co-Founder 

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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